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                                                                     Humanity’s Quest for Consciousness



The purpose of this book is to hopefully provide you with everything you absolutely need to know about human nature, your nature, government, your government, your God, your lack of God, history, and most of all our world so that we can each do our part in creating a better tomorrow.  How do you summarize the teachings of one great spiritual leader or one great politician? How do you then begin to put into words the whole story of us? The truth is that this is an infinitely Herculean and virtually impossible task.  But when you see real people interviewed on a TV comedy sketch knowing more about Kim Kardashian than their own country’s history or Adolf Hitler, it is a task that someone or some group of people has to at least attempt to for the sake of freedom and all of humanity.  It is also important to do it in a manner that is mildly more entertaining than watching paint dry as many of the historical or political books you might remember from your past.   

Nothing in this book is particularly new information.  However, the concept of examining ego and consciousness then trying to relate it to everything we know about ourselves up until now perhaps is novel.  There have been many great story tellers (George Orwell, Ayn Rand, and William Shakespeare come to mind), great artists (Michelangelo, Mozart, da Vinci, etc.) and great leaders of freedom (William Wallace, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr. just to name a few) that have come before us in history and touched our souls in a positive way.  Conversely, there are also those who have impacted our souls in a grotesquely negative way, particularly in the last 100 years (Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler).  

Those who served to bring Hell on Earth may not have been any more evil than those from previous times in history, but our capacity to inflict suffering with advancing technology makes it appear so.  We all then must learn from history so to not keep repeating it, each time with greater ferocity.  We must learn to co-exist; with each other as well within our own thinking minds. 

                I am not a writer by education or vocation, nor a psychologist, nor a spiritual leader, nor a historian, nor a philosopher, and definitely not a politician!  Sometimes we have a few letters attached to the ends of our names that today’s society values as to validate us as someone who has pursued higher formal education.  But in the end, all the degrees, reputations, and perhaps sizable bank accounts mean nothing as we are all just mortal beings who happen to think.  We depart this world with what we came into it.  At best, we can hope to leave this place a little better off than it was before we arrived.  

Often in our super-specialized world, we are held back from grasping the essence of a set of thoughts by useless jargon that takes years of education and specialization to understand.  I hope in some way what I am not might serve as a benefit to you as to more easily assimilate and communicate the messages contained within these pages provided by the various contributors who come from various walks of life, backgrounds, and education.    If by chance you find this book difficult to read, please be patient and persevere for your own benefit as well as for those within your circle of influence.

We live in a world often shrouded in mystery, chaos, and sometimes devoid of reason or comprehension.  It is a place of many opinions and this is yet one more opinion that may stimulate, support, or challenge your thinking.  A willingness to challenge people and their thinking is a good thing generally speaking.  This is how all positive change to the benefit of the individual as well as the whole occurs.  But when two opinions are not aligned completely, and no two are, it often results in a battle of wills where justice, virtue, and logic do not necessarily play a role in determining the victor in today’s world.  After having completed this book you will see that we have all lost many battles in the pursuit of righteousness but will hopefully one day win the war.  It is a war that resides within all our thinking minds as well as within the external world in which our minds reside. 

Throughout the course of history, many men and women have used their hands to physically fight in the service of freedom.  The people involved with this project have chosen to use and share their minds so that as many people as possible might have the opportunity to bask in the sunlight that so many generations before us have given themselves to: the cause of freedom.  Humanity’s Quest for Consciousness is not the work of one person.  Outspoken Dogood is many individuals giving their time, money, words, and heart to produce something that is so much greater than any one person could ever produce.  It is people working collectively using technology and the internet to the fullest in the selfless service of all of humanity to produce this living document.  The intent of which is for it to eventually evolve into a finished book at some point in the future.  Its ultimate mission is to prove that love truly does have the capacity to conquer all.  And should this movement grow as a result of your individual contribution you too will become Outspoken.

If there is a subject that you do not feel was given due justice in this book or an area you have a strong interest in, you are encouraged to actively pursue the truth further.  This book is not meant to be end-all but rather a start-of.  If you have the capacity to read and choose but one book to read in the near future, hopefully you choose this one for your sake, your circle of influence, and all of humanity. 

                This book is designed to serve merely as a basic framework from which others are encouraged to embellish with their own personal knowledge and ideas in the service of goodness.  Keep working towards perfection knowing perfectly well that it is not achievable.  In the words of da Vinci, ‘All art is never finished.’  It is our hope that this project/book can serve you as an adjunct, along with other books already incorporated into your life, in lighting your path to personal enlightenment.  It is critical to note that one must be willing to listen or read the viewpoints of others who might present contradictory information relative to your own beliefs before committing to any one opinion.  As you experience personal growth, you will then be ready to share in your knowledge and thus influence others.  You will become The Tipping Point for something greater than that which the majority of the world up until now has known except for a precious few.

In peace and love,
Outspoken Dogood

‘If everyone lit just one little candle, what a bright world this would be.  It is better to light just one little candle than to stumble in the dark.’                

        -Perry Como

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