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The purpose of this website is to hopefully provide you with everything you absolutely need to know about human nature, your nature, government, your government, your God, your lack of God, history, and most of all our world so that we can each do our part in creating a better tomorrow. 


How do you summarize the teachings of one great spiritual leader or one great politician? How do you then begin to put into words the whole story of us? The truth is that this is an infinitely Herculean and virtually impossible task.  But when you see real people interviewed on a TV comedy sketch knowing more about Paris Hilton than their own country’s history or Adolf Hitler, it is a task that someone or some group of people has to at least attempt to for the sake of freedom and all of humanity.  It is also important to do it in a manner that is mildly more entertaining than watching paint dry as many of the historical or political books you might remember from your past.  

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